Many solutions to get rid of snakes require days of preparation and continuous maintenance. Solar snake repellers are quite the opposite. Assembling the units together can take mere minutes. Once they get placed into the ground, it’s set and forget, as long as they get around 3 hours of sun per day.

The only tool you’ll need during installation is a tape measure to space them correctly. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tape, long walking steps will be good enough. This will ensure that the units are placed optimally around your property; 20-25 meters apart.

Solar snake repeller


As we move into the warmer months in Australia, it is now time to start considering snake protection. Doubly so if you are in an area known to have snakes roaming around. Let’s walk through a few reasons why a set of solar snake repellers might be the best solution for you.


Smaller, warm-blooded pets are easy prey for a snake on the prowl. Kids without deep know-how of what to do when confronted with a snake in or around a house may become injured. It isn’t practical to be wearing snake proof gaiters all day. By using a solar snake deterrent, snakes are kept well outside of your property.


Unlike poison for rats or any other chemical solution, solar snake repellers won’t harm other animals or plants. They will repel snakes in an eco-friendly way. This means that your conscience can stay clear, as no harm comes to the reptiles just going about their day.

The repellers work by projecting an ultrasonic vibration. These vibrations are harmless to humans but as irritating as it gets for snakes trying to find a new home in your garden or shed. Thus, the process helps keep snakes away for good without harm.


Installation is quick and easy to do yourself. A professional isn’t going to need to come out to your property. Save time and money by installing the repellers. Further, the units that we sell are as cheap as it gets, with a set of 8 running you under $300. A bargain considering the large area this many repellers can cover.

Further, being durable, as well as long-lasting, this isn’t a yearly purchase, but a long term investment into your family’s ongoing safety. The rechargeable AA batteries are easy to replace when they get old and fail.

Given the plentiful positives that solar snake repellers offer, if you are worried at all about snake repellent solutions, we might just have the best solution for you. If you want any further information on the topic, get in contact with us as soon as possible at 0400 434 757.

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