Useful Tips to Keep your Yard Snake-Free

1. Clean up your yard

Snakes love to have little hidey-holes to sleep in to feel safe and secure. If you have a lot of leaf litter, loose rocks, branches or logs, or any other form of clutter; you are basically inviting snakes to live around your home. In the photo to the right you can see a good example of a snake using a rock for cover. This is one of the ideal locations they like to hide.


Remove any of these loose materials from around your house to create a yard that is not snake friendly. Remember; if a snake can't find a nice place to live around your home, it will go somewhere else.


Sometimes it isn't possible to remove these good habitats, e.g. if you live on a steep hill and have rock retaining walls. In cases like this you could take othersteps such as filling in the gaps.


2. Maintain your garden

Keep any hedges, plants and trees pruned and trimmed to ‘open up’ your garden and remove any potential snake habitats. Keep in mind that some snakes do climb trees, so remove dead branches and cut down unnecessary branches.


3. Remove pests

Pests, rodents and vermin will attract snakes and greatly increase the chances of having a snake problem. The Snake Repeller will work to keep snakes away but if there are mice and rats living around your home, a hungry snake may suffer the pain caused by the snake repellers in order to have a meal


4. Patch up Holes

It's bad enough to get snakes in your yard. You definitely do not want them in your house! Avoid the terrifying situation of having to confront a deadly snake in your house by ensuring:

  • Screen doors don’t have holes
  • Doors and windows are kept shut at all times
  • Garage doors aren’t left open

This really is one of the most important steps when it comes to deterring snakes. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their own home, and nobody should have to! Your house is your castle and the last line of defence when it comes to snakes so by all means, keep them out.


5. Make some Noise

Snakes are quite scared of other large animals or moving objects in the area. Have you ever heard the old saying, ‘make lots of noise when walking through the bush’? This is because the noise and vibration scares snakes away, so create the same effect at your home by getting a dog, mowing the lawn and best of all, by using a Solar Snake Repeller. It is also important to arm yourself with knowledge of snake behaviour to better predict what the snakes may do.

Snake hiding in yard