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Snakes Alive This Summer!

This season looks like being a record-breaking one for snake sightings and heart-stopping encounters, and this is likely down to global warming resulting in hotter than average temperatures right across Australia. Snakes love the heat and breed in ever-increasing numbers. The menacing Brown Snake is showing huge population increases in South Australia and Queensland. More pets are falling victim to snakebites and people too have suffered attacks and close encounters in places not normally associated with them. Down in Victoria, there has been a scourge of Browns and Copperheads, while in WA Tiger Snakes are slithering all over the place. Do we just sit back and wait for something unpleasant to happen? What are the options available in the race to deter the serpent world from our immediate environs? Snake repellents are available in various guises, but the one that tops the smart buyer’s list is the Solar Snake Repeller.


Snake Repellent in Boxes


Mission Clear Up

There are many practical and proven ways to keep a snake free area that you can employ before even using our solar snake repellers. Use these practical tips around your property to reduce the chances of snake encounters of any kind. The most effective method is to have a clean up. The serpent world dines on a menu of frogs and rodents and other insects found around our properties, and the cunning snake is well equipped to track down its food. Compost heaps and garden rubbish tips make excellent breeding areas for a number of creatures on the snakes’ wanted list. Water features offer an interesting target area and potential feeding ground for snakes, so using a Solar Snake Repeller in such areas makes good sense. Avoid letting the grass and bush get too long, and do your best to store goods neatly rather than haphazardly. Last but by no means least, clear away all rubbish on a regular basis. It may help to think like a snake and ask yourself; "where would I hide?". Areas such as old car tyres, pallets, stacked timber or sheets of iron are just some examples of common snake havens.

Safe, RELIABLE Snake Repellents

Australia has a number of whacky methods as well as several dubious inventions aimed at controlling unwanted snakes, and deterring these often-dangerous reptiles from threatening us in our homes. As with most products some work to a point, while others are gimmicky old wives tales destined to fail. Here, we analyse one sure-fired winner that does the job of deterring all types of snakes. In fact, it works so well that we offer a money back guarantee should you not be entirely satisfied with this nifty device called the Solar Snake Repellent. More than just a snake deterrent device, it is a safeguard for you and your family in that it prevents those unwanted encounters with slippery serpents.

Out with the Old, In with the New

We were not satisfied with what is on the market and chose to develop our own weapon of mass deterrent, which has been designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. It uses a combination of renewable solar power and rechargeable batteries. Once it's assembled and installed you can walk away knowing your are being projected 24/7. Our snake repellent emits a wide-band sonic frequency through the ground that more than irritates any snake within its range. The vibrations they sense are akin to the vibrations felt when large animals are moving around. Snakes detect the signal and sense danger, leaving them feeling threatened. This forces them to move elsewhere in search of a habitat. The signal travels though the ground over a wide area.


Renewable Energy

Clean, Safe and Automatic Protection 24/7

When you switch to our Solar Snake Repellent, you immediately reap the following benefits:

  • Our money-back guarantee is all yours if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, although it should operate trouble free for years.
  • Goodbye serpents! Our repeller against snakes really works unlike other so-called snake deterrent devices
  • Our Snake Repeller covers an effective area of 600m2, which is far more extensive than any other repellent on the market
  • No more shocks and surprises after you install this snake repelling device

Applications for your Snake Repellent

Each Solar Repelling device comes neatly boxed for easy shipping and includes everything you need to get going right away, even down to a rechargeable AA-size battery to power the LED at night. Place it in the grass or in your garden near your house, or around any outdoor space where snakes may be lurking. Switch it on and relax!


Are snake repellers dangerous to humans?

 Our devices are in no way, shape or form harmful to humans. Infants through to the elderly are safe around the repellers. The devices emit a soft 'chirping' sound while they operate (the noise vibration), but it's not loud or harmful. Dogs, cats and birds are also safe around the repellers. There is no release of gas, no dangerous electric currents and no heat emissions out of the snake repellers to worry about. You can sleep safe knowing you are being protected in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Can You Afford to Ignore This Protection?

Consider the trauma associated with an encounter with a snake on your property – and it is made all the worse if it turns out to be a poisonous variety. Treat all snake encounters as potentially harmful because Australia happens to have more than its fair share of the world’s most poisonous reptiles. Chemical remedies once used to ward off snakes are straight out of the antique book of old wives tales, so you might do better hiring a qualified snake charmer. These repellers do work when used in the right way.

Better still, investing in our snake repellents will rid you of the nuisance once and for all with no mess and minimum effort. In next to no time you and your family can move around your home and garden without fearing a dreaded snake encounter. That just leaves one question unanswered; can you afford to be without our effective snake repellent for another day?


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