Snake repellent spray, we call it “Liquid Containment”, is just one of the methods of dealing with unwanted intruders from the serpent world. There are other options available for controlling these wriggly issues. The good news is that we can assist whatever your preference, be it snake-proof gaiters or solar snake repellents. The main objective is to deter these pests in the first place and to rid your property of unwanted nuisances. Please read on for your best solution.

It Works Like This

A snake’s sense of taste and smell is acute and provides it with important survival information, as well as identifying potential food sources. Liquid Containment Repellent Spray gets to work immediately upon deployment and confuses, while also irritating the reptiles chemical sensory system. Put another way, it impairs the creature’s information gathering in terms of the surrounding environment. This in turn prompts the snake to move elsewhere in search of food and less threatening shelter.

Ease of Use

One application of Liquid Containment Snake Repellent Spray around areas where snakes favour – rocks, boards, flagstones, foundations and general hiding spaces – lasts a long time. We have formulated our product to flow deep into cracks and crevices where snakes like to hide. Another option is to apply a perimeter barrier around property, buildings, and landscaped garden areas. This method is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and offers an effective solution for keeping slithering reptiles out of such spaces.

Other Measures

Snake-proof fencing offers an alternative, effective protection if properly erected, but this is a capital-intensive option. Solar repellers make an affordable and effective solution for smaller areas. They have come a long way since they first arrived on the scene. Whatever your preference, we can assist with any of the snake repellent options available. Before you decide, here are five tips to help reduce the risk of unwanted snakes in your yard:

  • Allow your dog or cat to patrol your yard, as they are naturally inquisitive and can follow trails. Domestic pets are highly effective predators and snakes will know when they are under threat. The ideal deterrent would be a mongoose if you could keep it and persuade it to stay!
  • Implement an effective vermin and insect control program on a continual year round basis. Chemical controls help to eliminate the pests that snakes hunt. Larger snakes prey on animals such as frogs, toads, lizards and even smaller snakes attracted to your yard to feed on insects. If you use them, monitor rodent traps regularly.
  • Keep your yard clean and tidy and remove or destroy snake-friendly hiding places and shelters. Snakes are generally shy and reclusive reptiles that prefer quiet, cool spots to rest during the heat of the day. Aim to remove piles of rubbish, brick stashes, firewood or logs as these make ideal quarters for snakes and other unwanted pests.
  • Snakes are secretive and dislike areas devoid of adequate cover. This means keeping your lawn as short as possible – along with a 10-foot border – helps. Remember to trim tree limbs, bushes, shrubs and hedges neatly and prune low-hanging growth. This prevents snakes from climbing and hiding in shrubs and trees.
  • Moist environments are highly attractive to insects and rodents, and this serves as an invitation to snakes. Avoid excessive watering of lawns and gardens. Remove outdoor water sources to deprive snakes of necessary moisture. Eliminate pooling water and fix leaking pipes, taps and hoses.