For the vast majority of people, coming home to a scaly serpent hiding in the house is not exactly cause for a celebration. In fact, unplanned snake encounters cause a great deal of shock and stress. It can be almost as unsettling as coming home to a burglar in the house! Snakes inhabit virtually every continent on earth except for Antarctica and some larger islands like New Zealand and Ireland. This means that for most of us there is always a chance of coming face to face with a snake.

There are several ways to deal with a snake that has managed to enter your home, and some of these ways will depend on the type of snake and the behaviour of the snake. I think we can all agree however, that completely avoiding the situation altogether is a much more preferred option.

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Snake deterrent can be a device, substance or action used for deterring snakes. Basically it’s anything you can use or do to scare snakes away from your home and property. Below is a list of some of the most popular or most commonly tried ways to deter those nasty reptiles. Keep in mind that not every method advertised is successful. For example, the spray-on liquid repellents have never had much success. Spreading moth-balls around the garden is another questionable method.

The best success we have had by far has been the use of solar snake repellers. We will list the most common ways here so you can get an idea of what won’t work, what might work and what definitely works.


  • Snake Repeller – This neat little device is excellent went it comes to snake defence. It is compact, solar powered, affordable, robust and effective. Click here to understand more on how they work.
  • Snake-proof fence – A snake proof fence is a physical barrier used to stop any snakes even entering the yard. They are quite effective, however if you have a large property you will need a huge amount of fencing to cover it. Or if you have a beautifully groomed garden they can cause a bit of an eyesore.
  • Dogs – Having a pet dog at home is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to frighten off those slithering serpents. Dogs are great because of the noise and movement of them constantly moving around the yard. Of course we don’t our beloved pets getting bitten either!


  • Clean up the yard – Remove built up leaf litter and branches from around the yard. These are ideal hiding spots for snakes. Tidying the yard should be one of the first courses of action you take if you’re serious about removing a potential snake problem.
  • Get rid of vermin – Taking away the food source is also a primary step you should take. Reptiles love to eat small animals like rats, mice, bandicoots, etc, so make sure you don’t have an infestation of pests around your home. If there is no source of food for a snake, there is no reason it will want to hang around.
  • Maintain your home – Do a quick check around the house to look for holes in roofing or gaps in floor boards where a snake could squeeze in. It’s bad enough to get one in your yard and terrifying to find one inside the house!


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There isn’t one single method that is going to work here. To give yourself the best chance of having a snake-free home you should do a combination of:

  1. Cleaning up the yard
  2. Removing food sources
  3. Look into purchasing some snake repellent devices
  4. Get a dog

While I can’t guarantee following these steps will be 100% effective, I can promise that this is the best and most effective way of dealing with snakes around your area.

We aren’t going to tell you a heap of BS and claim our product works all the time, every time, like other companies do because it simply isn’t true.

Deterring snakes from our homes is an ongoing process with many forms of protection available. Arming yourself with all the facts is the first step – you are on your way.


  • Snake Repellent spray – A spray used around the yard and in areas snakes might frequent. This product is not very trustworthy and we’ve never had much luck with it. The main downside to using a liquid repellent is its tendency to wash away with time and rain.
  • Moth balls – The jury is still out on this one. We’ve had a lot of people testify that moth balls really work and we’ve also had some bad reports about it. The biggest worry with using moth balls is they can cause some serious harm if you have pets or children that may eat them.
  • Sulphur – There are some so-called ‘experts’ out there who will tell you to spread sulphur around your yard. This is not advisable! Even if sulphur does have some repelling qualities, it is toxic if ingested.

Don’t bother using a spray, chemical or any kind of ‘consumable’ that will be gone after the next shower of rain or evaporate in the sun. Use the Snakesaway repellers to keep those unwanted, silent and deadly reptiles from coming into your sanctuary in the first place! Being made from sturdy materials with a solar powered, rechargeable battery gives this form of deterrent the edge through it’s long lasting reliability.