Snake Repellent


Most Australians have had at least one encounter with a snake. You open the back door to see one sunbaking on the patio. You go in the shed to get the lawn mower and find a snake hiding in the corner. Or your children come running toward you screaming, “snake, snake”. Snakes have caused fear and stress to humans for thousands of years, and for good reason. It’s time to shed your fear and get rid of those damned snakes.

Man scared of snake


Your home and property are your sanctuary. The last thing you need is the stress and worry of snakes coming into the yard. Everybody has the right to feel safe at home, to let children and pets run and play outside. It’s time to give yourself some peace of mind by making your home as unattractive to snakes as possible.

Living near bushland and waterways makes it more likely to have snakes living near you. Streams, creeks and rivers prove to be prime property for snakes, giving them a source of water and food. Small mammals and reptiles are the food source for a lot of dangerous snakes. If a snake snack lives in the area, it’s likely the snake won’t be far behind.

Keeping snakes away from your humble abode is a top priority. Use a combination of some tried and true techniques and some fancy technology to stay safe this summer.


  • Remove clutter such as old tyres, stacked timber, vegetation, roofing iron and plain old junk. Snakes seek shelter when they aren’t out hunting. Removing their hidey-holes lowers the chances of having a snake problem.
  • Mow the grass around your home and property. Snakes are more wary of travelling over exposed ground as they are exposed to predators such as birds. You are also making it harder for a snake’s food source like rats and mice to inhabit the area.
  • Keep a pet dog that will patrol the property. Although we don’t want our best friends to be bitten, the noise and activity of dogs and other large animals will help to scare the snakes away.

Get rid of rats and mice that might be living in sheds, ceilings or under the house. Think of getting rid of snakes like putting out a fire. Removing the ingredients removes the problem.



Our money-back guarantee is all yours if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, although it should operate trouble free for years.

Actually works

Goodbye serpents! Our repeller against snakes really works unlike other so-called snake deterrent devices


Our Snake Repeller covers an effective area of 600m2, which is far more extensive than any other repellent on the market

Reduce stress

No more shocks and surprises after you install this snake repelling device

snake repellents packed for postage
  • Solar powered with rechargeable AA batteries. Battery compartment easily accessible
  • Operates 24/7 with on/off switch
  • Multi frequency signals 400-1000 Hz
  • One unit covers over 600 square metres
  • Easy to setup and install
  • 100% safe for pets and children
  • Dimensions: 70 x 90 x 3 cm


Australia has many wacky methods to control unwanted snakes. There are several dubious inventions aimed at deterring reptiles from threatening us in our homes. As with most products; some work to a point, while others are gimmicky old wives tales destined to fail.

At Snakesaway we have developed one sure-fired winner that does the job of deterring all types of snakes. In fact, our snake repellent works so well that we offer a money back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied. It’s more than just a snake deterrent device, it is a safeguard for you and your family. It prevents those unwanted encounters with slippery serpents.

The snake repellent is a small, lightweight, solar-powered device created with the sole purpose of scaring snakes away. All it needs is a few hours of sunlight each day to keep the easy to replace AA battery charged and it will stand sentinel keeping you safe even as you sleep.


A snake repellent device, or snake repeller, is a compact, solar powered device used to deter snakes. Snakes don’t like a lot of noise or vibration, preferring to keep hidden from humans and other natural predators such as birds until it’s time to hunt.

Our snake repellent emits a wide-band sonic frequency through the ground that more than irritates any snake within its range. The vibrations they sense are akin to the vibrations felt when large animals are moving around. Snakes detect the signal and sense danger, leaving them feeling threatened. This forces them to move elsewhere in search of another habitat.

Snake repellent in garden


For smaller blocks (600 square metres or less) we recommend two repellents. One in the front yard and one in the back yard.

For blocks 700-1000 square metres we recommend four repellents. Ideally, they would be spaced evenly around the home to give maximum coverage as shown in the image below.

Try to avoid areas that get less than 2 hours of sunlight each day, otherwise the batteries will go flat. If you can’t avoid shady areas, it may be worth buying a couple of rechargeable AA batteries with a charger so you can swap the batteries out every few days.

By placing two or more repellents within 20m of each other to ensure overlap, you will create an enclosed area that snakes won’t want to penetrate. If you’re unsure how many repellents you’ll need, feel free to contact us anytime and we can give you some friendly advice.

snake repellers placed around house


The solar powered snake repellents are easy to connect and even easier to install. Out of the box, you have three components to fit together; the stem, the light and the solar panel. All you need to do is:

  1. Connect the cable in the stem to the cable in the solar panel by pushing them together
  2. Ensure the cable is running through the light
  3. Push the stem onto the light
  4. Push the light onto the solar panel

Voila! Job done

To install them in the yard or garden, you simply push the stem in a few centimetres into the ground. Give it a light push to make sure it won’t fall over with the first gust of wind.

If the ground is hard you may need to dig a small hole first. Place the stem end into the hole and backfill around it, just like you would do for a plant.


1 Unit = $45.95
2 Units = $86.00
4 Units = $165.00
6 Units = $242.00
8 Units = $298.00
10 Units = $385.00


At Snakesaway we believe knowledge is power. The more you understand snake behaviour, the more success you will have avoiding potentially deadly bites. To fully armour yourself and your family, we have compiled a few important snake facts.

There are approximately 3580 species of snakes in the world. Around 700 of these species belong to the front-fanged colubroids (FFC), and about 50% of these (300-350 species) are capable of delivering a venomous or medical treatment requiring bite to humans. Most deadly Australian snakes such as the tiger snake, brown snake, death adder, and taipan belong to the Elapidae family. Other notable mentions of the Elapidae family include cobras, mambas and coral snakes.

Global annual deaths resulting from snake bites are estimated at 40,000 – 90,000. Annual snake bites in Australia are approximately 200-500 with only an average of 2-3 deaths resulting from bites each year. This low number can be attributed to our sparse population, awareness of the risk taught to all Aussie children and highly trained medical staff capable of treating bites. It certainly isn’t due to less venomous or dangerous snakes as Australia is home to 3 out of the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world. Below are some interesting facts you should know about snakes and their behaviour.

puff adder showing fangs
  • Sea snakes can bite you – Sea snakes venom producing fangs are located toward the back of the mouth. However, despite popular belief and common consensus, sea snakes can open their mouths up to a whopping 180°. This means they are more than capable of biting swimmers and divers.
  • Snakes can regrow their fangs – ‘De-fanging’ a snake doesn’t work. Venomous snakes have evolved over millennia to ensure their continued survival. Part of their evolution includes back up fangs. A snake’s fangs occasionally get damaged or completely removed from fighting other snakes or wrestling with their prey, which is why they come packing extra heat in the form of extra fangs.
  • Snake eyes are attuned to movement – Ever wonder why you are taught to stay still if you stumble across a snake? Although the full abilities of a snake’s eyesight are not completely known, it is believed they have short range vision and are more attuned to the movement of objects than the objects themselves. They have even been known to slither past enticing prey that had the good sense to mimic a statue.
  • Snakes have no outer ear – Unlike humans who’s hearing works by detecting sound waves travelling at different frequencies and transferring those waves from the outer ear to the ear drum, snakes only have an inner ear. A snake’s inner ear only detects vibrations of a lower frequency. This is what our snake repeller’s use to send them slithering away.
  • Snakes change colour – Several species of snake are known to change colour throughout the year. For example, the taipan is often seen a lot darker during the colder months. Although the exact reason isn’t known, it is believed they do it to absorb more heat.

Most people cannot correctly identify a snake – A study at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane got 558 volunteers to identify a range of snakes. Only 19% of the snakes were correctly identified. Remember, if you do get bitten (let’s hope you don’t) only identify the snake to medical staff if you are 100% sure of the species. Snake antivenom differs between species and given the wrong medicine is never a fun experience.


One bite from the likes of an eastern brown or taipan could spell disaster for you or a loved one. If bandages and medical attention aren’t delivered immediately after a bite, it could prove fatal. Why take that risk? The Snakesaway repellers can give you the safety and peace of mind you deserve. You no longer have to be worried and stressed every time the kids go into the yard to play. Get your repellers now and sleep sound tonight.


We were not satisfied with what is on the market and chose to develop our own weapon of mass deterrent, which has been designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. It uses a combination of renewable solar power and rechargeable batteries. Once it’s assembled and installed you can walk away knowing your are being projected 24/7. Our snake repellent emits a wide-band sonic frequency through the ground that more than irritates any snake within its range. The vibrations they sense are akin to the vibrations felt when large animals are moving around. Snakes detect the signal and sense danger, leaving them feeling threatened. This forces them to move elsewhere in search of a habitat. The signal travels though the ground over a wide area.

Get your Snake Repeller today!