The solar snake repeller is a popular household device designed to ward off unwanted snakes from entering the home and garden. The repellers have been favoured by many homeowners who live in areas where snakes are a common occurrence, or who have seen snakes in and around their home before.

This device is engineered to scare off any nearby snakes from resting or nesting near the repellers (within a 20m radius); this acts as a way to keep your home safer and provide more security against any venomous and non-venomous varieties of snakes that may appear in the garden.

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Snakes can pose a big problem especially in areas close to their natural homes where they are likely to stray into nearby gardens or houses. Gardens with lots of shrubbery are considered great hiding spots for most types of snake and they can nest there undiscovered for long periods of time.

Keeping the snakes away from your home is safer for not only you but them as well. Unknown varieties of snakes in close proximity can be a dangerous thing but it can also scare and potentially injure the snake as well. This unique home protection appliance is a safe and humane way to ward off snakes ensuring that everyone can live with less concern over snakes around their home.


1 Unit = $45.95
2 Units = $86.00
4 Units = $165.00
6 Units = $242.00
8 Units = $298.00
10 Units = $385.00


Most types of solar snake repeller are designed to fit in around your garden and not to look out of place. Many resemble an ordinary garden solar light that you can place around your garden. Unlike consumable products such as snake-repelling spray or snake granules these solar-powered products are designed to work for months and even years to come.

The LED light on the unit emits a gentle glow during the night, like other solar lights, so it can be helpful to place them around any paths leading to and from your home. By placing them near your paths you can help to keep snakes away from the most trodden areas of your garden as well as lighting up the area in the evening.

You may also be wondering if they even actually work. We help answer that question here.

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  • Super Quiet
  • 12 month warranty
  • LED light with 100,000 hour life range
  • Multi-frequency pulse (400-1000 HZ)
  • Easy to replace AA rechargeable batteries
  • Solar-powered
  • Extremely easy to setup and install
  • 100% safe around children and pets
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The way it works is the sun charges the batteries via the solar panel during the day and while they look like solar lights they work in a very different way. The repeller emits an ultrasonic vibration that is specially engineered to ward off the unwanted visitors. The vibrations are designed to stop snakes settling on the ground near the lights and in the surrounding area.

Placing multiple repellents around the common used areas of your garden will prevent snakes from nesting and setting up home in the areas that you are likely to use.

Snakes can be found nesting in most of the covered areas of your garden where they are not usually likely to be found easily. Hedges, garages and sheds are popular spots for snakes as they have some protection from the weather. Keeping a solar snake repeller near these areas will prevent snakes from hiding there and waiting to be accidentally discovered by an unsuspecting animal or person.


Setting up your repellers and installing them around your yard is really easy to do. Life has enough challenges already and we aren’t about to add any more. The following step by step guide will have your snake repellers up and running and you feeling safe in no time.


Remove the parts from the box and assemble by passing the wires through the clear tube and connecting, then pushing the silver stem onto the clear tube and onto the solar panel.

snake repellent disassembled
snakesaway repeller assembled


Install your repellers around the area you want to protect by simply pushing them a few centimetres into the ground. (If the ground is too hard you may have to dig a small hole, insert the repeller and pack dirt in around it.)

Snakesaway repeller installed in ground


Ensure you place the snake repellers approx. 20-25m apart for best coverage. They will also need to be in positions that receive around 3 hours of sunlight per day to ensure 24/7 operation.

snake repellers placed around house

Warm blooded household pets such as guinea pigs or rabbits are likely prey for any snakes that have chosen to reside near or close by your house. The smell and movement of such a pet will instinctively alert any snakes and they will more than likely be attacked. Having a solar snake repeller will help to keep these snakes a safe distance away from your home and give your pets room to move without worry that they could be attacked.

They are also a great prevention for adventurous children accidentally stumbling across a snakes home in your garden and disturbing them. Young children often don’t understand the danger a snake poses and could quite easily and innocently approach a snake out of curiosity. If you would like to place an order please click HERE Or if you have any queries or would like to know more, please contact us. We are happy to help.


In many residential areas around the world, such as the United States and Australia, snakes are a common garden problem that can be a lot more dangerous than many other unwanted visitors. Venomous snakes are one of the biggest issues when it comes to garden safety.

Many venomous snakes are aggressive by nature and are likely to attack without any provocation, especially if they are hiding near you. Keeping them away from the garden is a good safeguard against unpredicted snake attacks and potentially life-threatening bites.

While not all snakes are venomous, only around 20%, other common varieties of snake are also aggressive and can give a person a nasty bite if they are accidentaly stumbled upon.

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