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Solar Snake Repeller - Offering Protection 24/7

When you install our Solar Snake Repeller, you will:

  • Relax, as our Multi-Pulse (400Hz – 1,000Hz) Solar Snake Repeller sets to work the moment you switch it on

  • Get the built in LED light for FREE, this comes with the option to switch it on or off

  • Receive a money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your Snake Repeller

  • Find our Solar Snake Repeller really works - no gimmicks like so many other so-called repellers

  • Feel safe immediately thanks to the effective 600m2 range of our Snake Repeller

  • Avoid snake surprises and threats when you install our Solar Snake Repeller

  • Get a bonus – moles and rodents hate our Solar Snake Repeller too!

Applications for your Solar Snake Repeller

Each Snake Repeller comes neatly boxed for easy shipping and includes everything you need to get going, right down to a rechargeable AA-size battery to power the LED at night. Place it in the grass or in your garden near your house, or around any outdoor space where snakes may be lurking. Switch it on and relax!

Can You Afford to Ignore This Protection?

The trauma and cost implications of a poisonous snakebite can prove devastating and even lethal in some cases.


Forget about chemical remedies to ward off snakes, they burn a hole in your pocket and do not work in practice.


Old wives’ tales are quite amusing but you would probably do better with a rope, a flute and lots of charm.


Enter our Solar Snake Repeller, the gadget that gets to work in ridding your property of the unwanted problem. Don’t get us wrong, we accept that snakes have a place and a role to play in nature, but that does not include an invitation to move onto our properties!