People from all around the world that live on the urban fringes and rural or outback areas will at some point have to deal with a snake or two. Unfortunately, it’s the price we must pay to live away from the concrete jungles of the cities.

What causes us to fear them so much? Does it come from biblical times when Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit on the advice of a snake? Is it the knowledge that in an unguarded moment, a lightning quick strike from a deadly snake could end your life? Perhaps it’s the silent, slow moving, reptilian nature that sparks fear.

Whatever the cause, there is only one solution. Keep snakes away from the sanctuary that is your home and land.

What is a snake repellent?

A snake repellent or any animal repellent is any method that uses the animals natural aversion to something (substance, smell, object, etc) that it has learnt to avoid in the wild. When we want to keep snakes away from our homes, we use items such as the snake repeller which takes advantage of a snakes aversion to noise and ground vibration to send them on their way.

Other examples of animal repellents are the use of predator urine which will deter animals that are their natural prey.

Where did snake repelling begin?

For as long as humans have been on earth, we have been improving ways to separate ourselves from deadly animals, including snakes.

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus discovered Arabian farmers would burn resin from a certain tree to chase away venomous snakes. The Australian aboriginals would burn areas of bushland to clear the undergrowth and make it less likely to be bitten by snakes.

Watch this cool, super slow-motion of snake strikes!

Where are we now?

Technology and innovation have brought about many useful inventions that we couldn’t live without today and with the advance in solar and electrical technology has come the solar powered snake repeller.

The snake repeller works on a simple yet effective concept. Snakes don’t like noise vibration in the ground near them. They associate this feeling with being surrounded by large animals, whose unwary step could easily kill a snake. The repellers mimic this noise vibration. By placing several repellers around your home, you can create an area of safety and a zone of snake deterrence. Powered by everyday AA batteries, and recharged by the sun, installation of the repellers is as easy as sticking them in the ground at appropriate locations and walking away. You can rest easy knowing the repellers are working day and night to keep you safe.

What works best?

For me personally, it is a combination of some tried and true, easy steps to make your home and yard as unfriendly a place for snakes as possible (see those steps to keep snakes away) along with a couple of repellers placed around the yard for some extra peace of mind.

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