FAQ's On Snake Repellers

Snakes have been around at least since Adam managed to lose his innocence in the idyllic Garden of Eden - of course he blamed Eve, and she claimed the serpent beguiled her.


Since that first encounter tensions have remained high between the parties. To this day, few things repulse and scare us more than the sight of a snake at close quarters.


Fortunately, our sophisticated Solar Snake Repeller has come to your rescue.

Just one of these electronic devices placed in a strategic position in your garden will repulse any snake within a 20 metre radius, that’s an area of almost 1200m².


We are pleased to provide the following answers to your FAQs to set your mind at rest in support of the fact that our machines really do work as they drive out unwanted snakes from your property.


To save time we list the commonest questions here. If you do not find what you are looking for or require more information, please Contact Us, and we will provide the answers.

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Do Solar Snake Repellers really work?

Some of the earlier models marketed generally were inferior in design and did not deliver as promised. This was down to a number of technical issues ranging from the wrong frequency transmission outputs to sub-standard components in those early gadgets. Based on thorough research and tests performed in the field, we decided to set our Multi-Pulse Solar Snake Repeller to transmit at a variable range between 400Hz and 1,000Hz and it is official – snakes do not like these bandwidths! Moreover, the materials used in manufacturing our Snake Repellers are weather proof and rust resistant. In short, they work for us so it they will work for you too.


These devices aren't the only way to stop snakes inhabiting your yard. There are a number of ways you can help yourself be snake-free. Check out our page full of useful tips for keeping snakes away.

Can Solar Snake Repellers harm children and pets? Human hearing only picks up certain decibel ranges, and our Snake Repellers transmit at Ultra High Frequencies outside our range of hearing. While animals do hear both at our range and at certain ultra-sonic levels, our Snake Repellers will not affect them.
How many Snake Repellers will I need? Best leave us to calculate this after we receive your email indicating the area of the land you wish to defend, along with a hand-drawn sketch of where your buildings and solid objects such as walls and big trees are located on your land. Don't forget to indicate any water features on your property.
Will Snake Repellers work 24/7?/td> They certainly do work day and night and even if the sun is not shining, there are normally sufficient reflective rays available to charge up the Snake Repellers. All you have to do is to remember to switch on the device and we even include an automatic night light – this operates off 4 re-chargeable AA batteries.
What if my land slopes? As long as there are no solid objects in the path of our Snake Repeller, it will work thanks to the random and multi-directional transmission of the pulses. However, it will not work directly through water, so any water features may need special consideration before deploying our Snake Repellers.
How long will it take to work? Our Snake Repellers get to work the moment you plant them in the ground and switch them on. Any snakes - or snake food in the form of rodents - lurking within the range of the repeller will detest the noise levels and will want to seek a “quieter” area. No harm, no mess, no fuss!
What guarantee do you offer on your Snake Repellers? We offer a full 1-year guarantee from date of dispatch, subject to our standard terms and conditions.
How much do your Snake Repellers cost? Now that we have perfected our Snake Repellers we are marketing them at a special introductory price for a limited time. So now is a good time to order thanks to our special offer of $74.95 when you order two Solar Snake Repellers from us. This price includes packaging, shipping and insurance to anywhere in Australia, and you have the peace of mind of the one year warrantee.
How long will your Snake Repellers last?

Thanks to the high-bld quality and superb reliability of all materials, you can expect many years of hassle-free service from our Solar Snake Repellers.


Our highly effective Snake Repellers aim to make your home and property a snake-free zone. Snakes cause anxiety even when you cannot see them, because just knowing that they are out there represents a threat to you, your family and your pets. Rid yourself of the nuisance, and live in harmony with the rest of nature!

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